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What is Projectivity?

We define Projectivity as an Open Source Enterprise Management Platform.

You use Projectivity Platform to implement a Management Application in order to support your business.

Look Understanding Projectivity for a complete definition of Projectivity.

How can I use Projectivity Platform to address my needs?

You need to download, install Projectivity and install a Framework that suits your needs.

What is a Framework

In a few words a Framework is what turns Projectivity Platform in a specific application.

The Platform includes most of the features you need, such as document management, and resource management.

The Framework defines the business domain you are interested in, and allows you to manage the entities you are interested in.

For instance a Framework might define how projects are structured in your company, so that Projectivity adapts to your needs (and not - as usual - vice-versa).

More info here

How can I have a Framework that suits my needs?

You have two options:

  1. You know how to develop: you can refer to our documentation and code examples to learn how to develop a Framework on your own. Refer to Framework Development Guide for more information
  2. You want us to develop it: let the developers of Projectivity make it for you, refer to SoftInstigate Framework Development Service

Is Projectivity suited for mission critical applications?

Yes. Projectivity runs on top of best of breed technologies and is developed, supported and maintained by a company: SoftInstigate

Is Projectivity supported?

Yes. You have two options to get support for your instance of Projectivity:

  1. Free support from our community through our forum: http://forum.projectivity.biz
  2. Professional support from SoftInstigate: SoftInstigate Support Service

How is Projectivity licensed?

Projectivity Platform is and will always be licensed under GPLv3.

In some cases you might not want to have Projectivity as a GPLv3 licensed platform (for instance if you want to make a commercial product on top of it). In that case you can contact us to purchase Projectivity licenses under a commercial OEM license.

Who developed Projectivity?

Projectivity was entirely developed by SoftInstigate.

If you are interested in contributing to Projectivity with your development please contact us. We will be glad to involve you in our project!

I have a problem with Projectivity, how can I troubleshoot it?

First look at your Projectivity log file.

This is located under <PROJECTIVITY_DIR>/server/projectivity/log/projectivity.log

Most of the time you will find a Java Exception in the log that will help you identify the problem. You can also post the error on the forum if you don't know what to do.

Of course if you have professional support you can just contact SoftInstigate to solve it!

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