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From Projectivity Sourceforge Project download area you can download the Projectivity source code archive.


Understand what you are doing

You only need to build from sources if you plan to customize Projectivity Platform.

building the source will produce some modules to be deployed on the JBoss Application Server. We strongly suggest to deploy them on the JBoss AS that comes with the Projectivity binary download bundle.

If you plan to deploy it on a different instance of JBoss, please refer to How_to_Deploy_On_JBoss section.

The source code archive

Unpack the source code. You find a directory structure as follows:

  • /whatever/path/to/source/archive
    • build
    • core
      • business
        • AdminTools
        • Core_Business
        • Core_DataSource
        • Core_Report
        • Core_Search
        • Core_Search_IndexSynchronizer
        • Core_Util
        • Module_Asset_Business
        • Module_Scope_Business
      • presentation
        • Core_Presentation
        • Module_Presentation
        • Module_Reporter_Presentation
        • si-comps
    • email_templates
    • jboss
    • lib
    • report


Projectivity is developed using NetBeans IDE 6.0. You need to download and install it in order to be able to build it.

Download NetBeans from: NetBeans Web Site.

Once you have NetBeans IDE installed, you need to create in it the libraries used by Projectivity modules.

You do this using the Library Manager of NetBeans that you find under the Tools/Libraries menu item.

In the lib directory of the source code archive, you find 32 directories. These are the libraries that you have to create in NetBeans following the convention to name the libraries exactly as the directory name and add all the jars you find in it.

For instance you find in the source code archive a directory called Aperture containing 37 jars. You have to create in NetBeans a library called Aperture with those 37 jars.

NOTE: few libraries have a name starting with JBoss. Those are libraries got from the JBoss AS 4.0.3RC1. If you want to try to deploy Projectivity on a different version of the Application Server you need to update those libraries accordingly. However those libraries are not included in Projectivity since they are available on the JBoss execution environment.

Building Projectivity

Once you have downloaded Projectivity source code, you can easily build it. The source package contains an ANT build script that you can run easily (it is located in the build directory). Simply run ANT on the build project (with the default target) and that's it! Note that the build_project is a Netbeans project so you can also choose to use Netbeans directly to build Projectivity.

This build script will build the Projectivity:

  1. Business Tier Modules (core/business directory)
    1. Core_Util
    2. Core_DataSource
    3. Core_Business
    4. Core_Search
    5. Core_Search_IndexSynchronizer
    6. Module_Scope_Business
    7. Module_Asset_Business
    8. AdminTools
  2. Presentation Tier Modules (core/presentation directory)
    1. Core_Presentation
    2. si-comps
    3. Module_Reporter_Presentation
    4. Module_Presentation

You can also build each module separately building the corresponding NetBeans project (in the given sequence) or using the build_project NetBeans project that you can find in:


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