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Install Java

Java SE comes with a comprehensive installer. Please refer on for more information.

Install the PostgreSQL DBMS

PostgreSQL comes with a comprehensive installer. Please refer on PostgreSQL manual for more information.

Once the DBMS is installed you need to configure it and create the Projectivity DB.

Since the Projectivity suggested DB access method is through network connections, make sure that Postgres accepts network connections from the host where Projectivity is planned to run. In order to achieve this you need to edit the following configuration files (located in the data directory of your installation):

  • pg_hba.conf
  • postgresql.conf

in pg_hba.conf add the following line at the end of the file:

host    all         all md5

NOTE: you need to replace with the ip address of Projectivity if the DBMS runs on a different computer. No changes if Projectivity and the DBMS run on the same system.

in postgresql.conf make sure to have the following parameter set:

listen_addresses = '*'

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