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Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements are difficult to express since different web applications require different CPU power and memory to serve different numbers of concurrent users. Note that the work load can be partitioned between different computers (also called nodes) as explained in the Choosing the Right Deployment Architecture”. Partioning the load on different computer can result in having lower requirements for each system.

The following table gives you an idea of the minimum and suggested hardware requirements for a normal server load (about 20 concurrent users).

Component Minimum Suggested
CPU 1 Ghz x86 2 Ghz, 64 bit, dual core
Memory 512 Mbyte 2 Gbyte
Disk Space 700 Mbyte installation

200 Mbyte operation

700 Mbyte installation

5 Gbyte operation

Operating System (OS) Requirements

Projectivity is a Java software. Java is designed to run on a variety of systems thanks to its “write once, run anywhere” technology.

For more information of the Java technology please refer to

Nevertheless Projectivity also requires PostgreSQL and Subversion. Those are very popular software which are available for a large number of operative systems. Please refer to their web sites for more information.

Projectivity supported OS are:

  • Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 2003 Server, 2008 Server)
  • Linux

Projectivity also is reported to work on Solaris and Mac OS X. You may need to customize the administration scripts for those operative systems.

Required Third Party Software

In order for Projectivity to be installed the following software components are required:

Component Version
JBoss Application Server 4.0.3SP1

NOTE: Check How_to_deploy_on_JBoss if you want to try deploying Projectivity on different versions of JBoss.

PostgreSQL Data Base Management System version 8.0 and later (including 8.3.3)

NOTE: in order to use PostgresSQL 9.x you need to update the driver shipped with Projectivity. Follow this link for more information.

Java SE 5.0 and later (including 6.0)

You need to download Java SE and PostgreSQL from the following web sites (JBoss is bundled with the Projectivity Binary Download):

For Linux users: you may want to check the availability of certified packages (such as rpm) from your vendor rather that downloading them directly from the listed web site.

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