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What is Projectivity

Projectivity is an Open Source Enterprise Management Platform.

Enterprise Management

Managing an organization is complex and expensive. An Enterprise Management Application supports such activity leading to several advantages:

  • Cut costs
  • Improved Quality
  • Better Control
  • More Knowledge

In other words, a Management Application improves and optimizes the activities related to the management of your organization.


Generally speaking a Software Application Platform simplifies the implementation of Software Applications that address specific needs, providing a set of services and features and allowing their easy configuration.

This is exactly what Projectivity Platform does in the Enterprise Management domain.

The Projectivity Platform makes easy implementing and running an Enterprise Management Application that fulfils exactly your specific needs.

No matter if you need to manage your projects portfolio accordingly to a well defined method or if you need to keep track of your sales activities, Projectivity answers exactly your needs.

This is done by the means of Frameworks. A Framework is

  • What turns the Platform into a specific Application
  • Very powerful
  • Easy to define
Projectivity Stack.png

If you want to know more about Frameworks you can refer to Whatis_Framework section.

Open Source

Last but not least Projectivity is Open Source!

It is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GPLv3 license. In extreme summary, you are free to use, modify and even redistribute it.

Customers can try Projectivity for free and invest their money in making it fulfilling their specific needs rather than in expensive licenses.

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